Module: Editor

Version: 5.0.0 +

User: Developer

Level: Beginner

Futurama enables you to use files that were developed and saved in previous versions of Futurama. This document gives further information on this compatibility.

- Familiar with Futurama Editor and the Futurama platform in general





About compatibility and updating

When you open a Futurama file that was saved in a previous version of Futurama, it will be updated automatically by converting the original document to the latest version. This enables you to keep using applications, meanwhile profiting from new and extended features.

You should keep in mind, however, that:

1. Compatibility is only backwards

It is not possible to use Futurama files that were saved in a newer version of Futurama.

2. It is recommended to save files in the matching version

Although Futurama automatically converts files to the latest version when an application is started (in either which mode Futurama is running, Website, Webservice etc.), it is recommended to save files in the right version. This:

  • will speed up your application; during startup of the application, the document does not have to be updated at runtime everytime it is started.
  • ensures you the application will actually work. During file updating, manual approval might be necessary. In that case, the application will not work until you have explicitly opened and saved the file in the Futurama Editor (see below)

3. Automatically updating applies to all documents

Also subdocuments included in your application will be updated on-the-fly. The remarks above apply to these documents as well, of course.

Conversion and saving to the latest Futurama version can be done either manually or automatically. See Converting Futurama documents for a description.

Conversion warnings

When files are converted in either which mode, warnings might occur. These messages are included in the updated file, and will be removed as soon as the file is opened and saved manually in the Futurama Editor. Conversion warnings can be of two types:

1. Low severity

When items are automatically updated or transformed into different items, this is reported during updating. When the behavior of your application is has not changed, these messages have severity level low and these messages are shown for informational purposes. No extra manual action is needed.

2. High severity

Warnings of high severity when items within your application are (potentially) damaged or there is a risk of changes in the behavior of your application. In that case, the file is updated, but will not execute (reporting an error exception). In that case, you must manually open and save the file in the Futurama Editor. When opening, messages are reported on your screen and in your Error window, containing detailed information on the exact changes, risks and required actions to get your application running again.

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