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Level: Beginner + Advanced


Working with Futurama is very easy to learn. We have developed a number of tutorials to help.



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The tutorials are divided into two levels: Beginners and Advanced.

The Beginners-tutorials will get you a basic introduction into working with Futurama. We have developed three series of tutorials. In each series, an application is built from start to finish. Following a series of tutorials should be sufficient to start working with Futurama yourself.

The Advanced-tutorials each discuss a specific topic. They can serve as a practical example, for developers that are working on this specific subject.


For the Beginners-tutorials we introduce the new Internet-bank Safe2Save as a business case. Safe2Save wants to offer their clients a savings account. They will use Futurama for the calculations and applications that are needed.

Three different applications need to be developed:
- A Website
- A Webservice
- A Console application

Beneath there are three series of tutorials. Based on the type of application you want to build, you can choose the appropriate course.
Important feature is that for all three applications the same calculations are necessary, the calculation of the future savings. Therefore, there are topics that are not tied to one type of application. For example, the making of formulas, or working with Tables. These tutorials appear in all three series.

To determine the application you are interested in, you can also check the Example-page where the final results of the three tutorials are displayed.

1) Creating formulas with Futurama 1) Creating formulas with Futurama 1) Creating formulas with Futurama
2) Webservices in Futurama 2) Creating a Website Application 2) Creating a Console Application
  3) Styling your website with CSS  
  4) Adding interactivity to your website  
3) Working with Tables 5) Working with Tables 3) Working with Tables
4) Reading and processing XML-data in Futurama 6) Reading and processing XML-data in Futurama 4) Reading and processing XML-data in Futurama
5) Creating a Webservice Application 7) Adding Graphs in Futurama 5) Generating Documents
  8) Working with Actions in Futurama  
  9) Multiple Pages and Navigation  
  10) Using XSLT to display data  



Responsive Design Shows the basics of developing a Responsive website with Futurama



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Updated: 2013-05-08