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Within version 22.03 of Futurama, we have changed our way to manage licenses. To work with this change, please contact us for the new type of license file. On this support page, the guide on how to use the license file will be described together with some tips and warnings.

Deploy the license file

The licence file should be located in the same folder as you place your Futurama App.


Setup web.config

For the web applications of Futurama, it is really important to exclude your license file from being dowloaded by placing this configuration in your web.config file.

        <remove path="*.lic" verb="*"/>


In the new license file, you are able to open it and read the content of the license file. But be careful, DO NOT MODIFY the content of this file, the license file will be polluted and you won't be able to reverse this.


If you have any questions about this subject or if you want to provide us feedback please send us an e-mail.

Updated: 2022-4-5