Edition: Futurama Website

Module: Futurama Monitor

User: System administrator


- User name and password for Futurama downloads

- Database Server with SQL Server 2008 or higher





When using the Futurama Website edition it is possible to log session information to either a SQL or an Oracle database. In order to use this functionality the module Futurama Monitor has to be installed. This manual explains how to install Futurama Monitor and how to configure the logging to this database.


Visit the Futurama website to download the Futurama Monitor code:

  • Go to
  • Go to the download section of the Support menu
  • Log in with user name and password
  • Click the most recent Futurama release
  • Extract the zip-file


Release folder

Use the database script from the folder 'Monitor'.


Follow the next steps to install the initial version of Futurama Monitor within SQL Server:

  • make sure you have the permission to configure the database server with SQL Server
  • open the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  • at the security section create a new login. This login will be linked to a user in the Monitor Database. Define the name for this login, choose SQL Server authentication and define a password (uncheck the options 'Enforce password policy', 'Enforce password expiration' and 'User must change password at next login' if you don't want to use these options)
  • select for the SQL Server the Server authentication 'SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode'. This configuration can be made in the properties section of the SQL Server in the Security section
  • create a new database. Give this database the name you want to use for the Monitor Database
  • create within this database a dbo user
  • connect this user with the login you already created
  • execute in the created database the sql-script from the folder 'Monitor'  


The next permissions have to be set for teh database user:

  • EXECUTE permission on StoredProcedure dbo.StartSession


In the web.config of Futurama HTML in the chapter 'Configuration' the paragraph 'Configuration Monitor' is relevant. Follow the instructions in this paragrapg in order to configure the connection between the website and the logging database.


The installation and configuration can be tested. See below how to test. If you encounter problems, check the chapter 'Troubleshooting'.

Checking executing SQL script

After executing the SQL-script the next message has to be given: 'Command(s) completed successfully'.

Checking tables

Open the logging database you created. In the folder 'Tables' the next three tables has to be created: dbo.Errors, dbo.Events and dbo.Sessions.

Checking content in tables

Start your application for which you want to store session information. After that check the tables Events and Session. These tables now must have content. 


If you encounter problems with the installation of Futurama Monitor check the sections below.

No tables available

If you don't find tables created in the logging database, then probably the logging database was not selected when executing the SQL-script. In that case the tables are created in the master database. So, make sure to first select the logging database and then execute the script.

No information in tables

If the tables you created don't have any information, the storing of session information from your application didn't work. See the paragraph 'Configuration' above. Check whether you configured the monitor sesction of the web.config with the right settings.

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Updated: 2013-10-18