Version: 4.3.0 +

Applicable to: Futurama Website



In case Futurama is running in Website mode it is possible to configure settings for debugging. These settings are set in the debug-section of the configuration file.



Within the configuration element the next code has to be included:

	<sectionGroup name="futuramaSettings">
		<section name="debug" type="ActuIT.Futurama.Config.DebugSection, ActuIT.Futurama.Engine, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null"/>

Next to this code, also within the configuration element the next code has to be included:

	<debug abortOnDocumentLoadError="{true/false}" showNotifier="{Always/OnError/OnWarningOrError/Never}" insight="{true/false}"></debug>

The futuramaSettings element is the general part for more configuration settings. Within this element the debug element is set.


Within the debug element some attributes can be set. Below the possible values of these attributes.


[Obsolete] This property is superseded by the new showNotifier property and only functional until Futurama version 17.01


Indicates whether the Futurama module Futurama Insight is activated or not. Notes:

  • this attribute is only used in Website mode
  • default value is 'false'
  • this attribute is optional. If this tag is not included the default value is used
  • a license is required for using Futurama Insight. This license is part of the general license file
showNotifier (Futurama 17.01+)

This property allows an errorstatus notification-icon to be shown in the topright of a Futurama Web application. This notifier will show how many warnings or errors have been encountered while processing the last webserver request by floating the cursor over the notifier icon, and reading the tooltip that will present itself.

When the notifier itself is clicked, a list of logfiles will be shown that are generated during the applications runtime. When one of these logfiles is clicked, a new window will show the Logviewer that shows the contents of this logfile. This is especially useful when debugging any errors that might have occurred. Please refer to the following document to learn more about Analysing logfiles with LogViewer.

The possible values for the showNotifier property are as follows:

  • Never: (default) The notifier is never shown or rendered.
  • OnError: The notifier will only be visible when an error has occurred.
  • OnWarningOrError: The notifier will only be visible when an error or warning has occurred.
  • Always: The notifier will always be visible.

The notifier might not work properly for older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (7.0 and earlier).

abortOnDocumentLoadError (Futurama 19.05+)

This optional property can be set to ‘true’ or ‘false’ (default value). When set to ‘true’ it will cause the document loader to abort operation whenever an error occurs when opening or converting the document. This is mostly useful for testing purposes, and should be omitted when it’s not needed.


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Updated: 2016-08-31