Version: 5.3 +

Applicable to: Futurama Website



The render section allows the configuration of an XSLT file that allows Futurama to generate customized HTML from an intermediate language called FICO.



Within the configuration element the next code has to be included:

	<sectionGroup name="futuramaSettings">
		<section name="render" type="ActuIT.Futurama.Config.RenderingSection, ActuIT.Futurama.Engine, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null"/>

Next to this code, also within the configuration element the next code has to be included:

	<render transformationFilename="extension.xsl"/>


Within the render element some attributes can be set. Below the possible values of these attributes.


Indicates which file should be used to transform FICO to HTML.

  • This attribute is optional. If this attribute is not included the default value is used.
  • The default value is 'xhtml1.0.xsl', this renders the FICO to our default XHTML1.0 markup.
  • The indicated filename must be present on the root-directory of the Futurama Web Application.
[Obsolete] chartRenderMode[optional] (from Futurama 5.3.1 up to 17.01)

This field indicates how Graphconverters should be rendered to FICO. Possible values are:

  • MicrosoftChart (default): This indicates that a graphconverters data should be rendered to an image using Microsofts chart render routine.
  • DataXml: This creates a Data element during the FICO rendering, that contains all the raw data. This can be usefull when a clientside library is used to visualise the data (for instance, when Google Chart needs to be used).
  • Both: This values enables both methods to be used at the same time, but the processing time will double, so a performance hit will be involved.


It is possible to change the default rendering (as stated above: XHTML1.0) to a HTML5 rendering with Futurama 5.3.2+ . To change this an extension file should be created which change the DOCTYPE of the application to a HTML5 DOCTYPE. The extension can be downloaded from the following support page: FICO example HTML5-Template . Within the extension the DOCTYPE is changed plus the Datebox and Webslider controls are changed. For more information about the HTML5 rendering of the Datebox and Webslider see these chapters: Webslider and Datebox


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Updated: 2017-08-02