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Description how to install the Futurama Export modules



The Futurama Export edition consists of 2 modules: Futurama Console and Futurama Server. The module Futurama Console is a mandatory module, Futurama Server is optional. Dependable on the license you have, besides the Futurama Console module also the Futurama Server module has to be installed. For each of the modules an installation page is available. Mentioned below a link to each of those installation pages:  

- Installation Futurama Console: Installation of the module Futurama Console

- Installation Futurama Server: Installation of the module Futurama Server

Futurama Editor

If you are intended to develop with Futurama, then in addition to the Futurama Export modules also the Futurama Editor has to be installed. See the page Installation Futurama Editor for more information. 


Consult the Troubleshooting page for more information how to troubleshoot problems that may occur during the installation.

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Updated: 2017-04-07