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Introduction how to use the Futurama Vision functionality in Futurama applications



Futurama Vision is an extension of Futurama that is used to:

- hold data that can be used within Futurama

- manage Futurama applications

- analyze the use of Futurama applications

- provide safe acces to personal data

To use the functionality of Futurama Vision both configuration has to be made in the Futurama Vision Management Site and in the application specific Futurama documents (using the Futurama Editor). In the Futurama Editor the VisionReference object has to be used to make a connection between the application specific document and Futurama Vision.

There are different categories of VisionReferences depending on the Futurama application that is made. The next categories are available:

- Data: mainly used to read the personal data of a person in your application

- DataStore: to be used to store data for an user and to retrieve data that is stored previously

- Accounts: applicable when the Futurama Accounts module is used

At the support pages of the VisionReferences of these categories more detailed the use of the several VisionReferences is treated. At this page the general structure of a VisionReference is described.


A webservice is used to connect between a Futurama application and Vision. This connection has to be configured both at the side of the Futurama application and at the side of Futurama Vision. The configuration at both sides has to be done in the configuration file. For Futurama Vision the web.config of the Futurama Vision Management Site has to be used. See the paragraph Configuration, section Configuration File, Connection with Vision how to configure Vision at the side of Futurama Vision.

For the configuration at the side of the Futurama application the configuration file of the Futurama application to be used is relevant. For example, when using the Futurama Website edition the configuration has to be made in the web.config of the Futurama web application. For developers the Futurama Editor is used to develop the Futurama applications. To define and test the connection with Futurama Vision the connection has to ne defined in the configuration file of the Futurama Editor (ActuIT.Futurama.Editor.exe.config).

See the support page ' Configuration-Vision' for more details regarding the configuration of the connection with Futurama Vision.

Request and response

The communication by webservice means that a request to Futurama Vision will be sent and a response of this request will be returned. Both the request and the response is an SOAP-envelope XML-message. Each response has a general structure, where information is given about the request. There are several return codes available, that give information about the request. At the support page of each of the VisionReferences an example of a request is given. Also an example of a response is give as well as the list of the possible return codes. SOAP UI can be used to test the request and response.  To use SOAP UI follow the next steps:

  1. open SOAP UI and create a new SOAP project;
  2. define a Project Name;
  3. fill in the Initial WSDL (The initial WSDL for Futurama Vision is of the form http://servername/applicationname/services/VisionService.svc?wsdl, where applicationname is the name of the Futurama Vision Management Site installation.)

After these steps a new project is opened and the methods GetResult and Ping become available. To test the different VisionReferences use the request within the GetResult method. For each of the VisionReferences an example of a request is given.

The method Ping can be used to test whether the server with the Vision webservice is available. The request within this method can be executed to do this test. If this test doesn't give a success response the VisionReferences will not work either.


To troubleshoot when errors occur using the VisionReferences follow the next steps:

  1. execute the Ping request to test whether the server is available (see paragraph 'Request and response');
  2. if step 1 is successful test the connection between your Futurama application and the Vision webservice (see the TestConnection page);
  3. is step 2 is successful use SOAP UI for the VisionReference where errors occur.

Defining VisionReference

In the Futurama Editor the VisionReference object can be created. After that the VisionReference can be edited. First of all a category has to chosen. Second the applicable VisionReference within that category has to be selected. For example the VisionReference Accounts.Login within the category Accounts. When a VisionReference is selected automatically a number of parameters are shown. These parameters have to be filled in. For the values references can be made to other objects.

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Updated: 2014-06-27