Version: 4.3.0 +

Applicable to: Futurama Export



In case the Futurama Server module is used within the Futurama Export edition it is possible to configure several server settings. These settings are set in the server-section of the configuration file.



Within the configuration element the next code has to be included:

	<sectionGroup name="futuramaSettings">
		<section name="server" type="ActuIT.Futurama.Config.ServerSection, ActuIT.Futurama.Engine,Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null"/>

Next to this code, also within the configuration element the next code has to be included:

	<server serviceName="{value}" startDelay="{value}" defaultFuturamaPath="{value}" port="{value}" serverPort="{value}"/>

The futuramaSettings element is the general part for more configuration settings. Within this element the server element is set.


Within the server element some attributes can be set. Below the possible values of these attributes.


Indicates the port that is used for the communication between Futurama Management Site and Futurama Service. This setting is available from Futurama 5.2.0. Default value is 8080.


Indicates the first tcp port that is used for the communication between Futurama Service and Futurama Batch. Every instance of Futurama Batch gets a subsequent port. As soon as a Futurama Batch instance is finished, the port used by that instance is available for the next instance. So you can expect to use a port range starting with port up till the number of parallel jobs you run. Default value is 8081.

defaultFuturamaPath (optional)

Indicates the location where Futurama Batch is installed. This is the path to the FuturamaBatch.exe file. This location is optional and will only be used if the location is not explicitly given in the job definition.


Indicates what is the default delay (in seconds) when starting a new job. Default value is 0.

serviceName (optional)

Indicates the name of the ServiceElement in the WCF configuration you want to use. For example if you want to use wsHttpBinding you could use the following configuration.This setting is available from Futurama 5.2.0. If you leave this property empty, Futurama Server will use basicHttp binding.

<!--in <futuramaSettings> -->
<server serviceName="FuturamaServer" startDelay="0" defaultFuturamaPath="c:\" port="8081" serverPort="8080">
<!--in <system.serviceModel>-->
  <service name="FuturamaServer">
    <endpoint contract="*" bindingconfiguration="FuturamaServerBinding" binding="wsHttpBinding" address="">
        <userprincipalname value="actuit\testuser">
      <binding name="FuturamaServerBinding">
        <reliablesession enabled="false" ordered="false">
        <security mode="Message">
          <message establishsecuritycontext="false">


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Updated: 2018-02-14