Edition: Futurama Website

Module: Futurama Insight

User: System administrator


- Installation of Futurama HTML



While developing a Futurama Website application, an option is to use the Futurama Insight module. At this page you can find the steps to install this module.


Not applicable. Futurama Insight is a module of Futurama Website and it is automatically installed when installing Futurama HTML.


In Futurama HTML, the default.config (that needs to be renamed to web.config) should already have the following steps installed.

If this is not the case, certain changes have to be made to the configuration of the web.config to enable Insight.

In the web.config two parts of code need to be added:

The first part to be added should be placed in the section:

	<sectionGroup name="futuramaSettings">
		<section name="debug" type="ActuIT.Futurama.Config.DebugSection, ActuIT.Futurama.Engine, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null"/>

This will allow the following piece of code to be added.

The next part to add is the following code in the section :

	<debug insight="true"/>

By setting insight=”true” you enable Insight.

This part of the code is linked to the debugging capability of Futurama. To find out more about this capability, you can read the chapter configuration debug.


The installation and the configuration can be tested. See below how to test. If you encounter problems, check the chapter 'Troubleshooting'.

Activate Futurama Insight

Futurama Insight can be activated by opening your Futurama webapplication and press Shift-F9.


If you encounter problems with the installation check the sections below.

Futurama Insight cannot be activated

If Futurama Insight cannot be activated check whether 'insight' is enabled in the web.config of your application. If 'insight' is enabled in the web.config check whether you have the license to use Futurama Insight. This is defined in the license file that is installed in the installation folder of Futurama HTML.

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Updated: 2014-01-29