Version: 17.01 +

Applicable to: Futurama Editor/Futurama Website/Futurama Webservice/Futurama Export



Futurama allows you to define plugins to override and/or extend certain Futurama behavior.

Currently there is one plugin supported which allows you to extend the Futurama Formula library. 



Within the element the next code has to be included:


Next to this code, also within the element the next code has to be included:


The futuramaSettings element is the general part for more configuration settings. Within this element the plugin element is set. 


Within the plugin element you can define multiple plugins. You do this by creating multiple instances of the plugin tag. Below the possible values of the various fields of the plugin:


The name of the interface for which you want to provide an implementation. The name of the interface must be one of the next (as currently one plugin exist, there now is one interface available):

  • ActuIT.Futurama.IoCInterfaces.IExternalFormulaLibrary

The class that provides a new implementation for the interface


The path to the DLL that contains the class mentioned in maptoclass. This should be a DLL built in .Net, and the DLL should use the same .Net Framework version as Futurama.


When you provide a plugin with an external formula library, this field contains the number you want to give this plugin. The value 0 is reserved for the default Futurama formula library. Choose successive numbers for the plugins you use. This number is stored in all Futurama Formulas that use a method from this external formula library. Therefore all installations of Futurama should use the same formulaLibraryID.


See  Creating custom formulas in Futurama for an example how to use the formula plugin.

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Updated: 2016-12-21