Version: 19.07 +

Applicable to: Futurama Website, Futurama WebService


Futurama Supports the use of a FileProvider. The first provider we support is AzureFiles. You can use this functionality to open files from AzureFiles.



Within the element the next code has to be included:


Next to this code, also within the or element the next code has to be included:



Within the fileproviders element you can now only add azureFiles. In future versions other providers will be supported. Within azureFiles you can add multiple fileshare definitions.


The name for the  fileprovider.


The name of the share in Azure


The connectstring in Azure.

Use of the files

After defining a fileshare as above you can reference files by using a filename in the form of name://path, where name is the name of the fileprovider.
Example: When a azure share is specified with the name ‘myazureshare’, you can access the file ‘/myfolder/subdir/myfile.txt’ by using the path ‘myazureshare:///myfolder/subdir/myfile.txt’. Note the usage of the triple slash. The third slash is the first character of the path, and indicates the root directory.

Manage AzureFiles

With the Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer you can manage your AzureFiles. Download the Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer and connect to your fileshare with the connection string.

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Updated: 2019-09-10