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Description how to retrieve a list of AppEvents from Futurama Vision by a webservice.



When performing an action for an App Futurama can log a AppEvents. In this way you can see information in the logging about the status of some processes. Some of this information is also useful for other systems. That’s why Futurama Vision has a webservice to retrieve these AppEvents.

The list of events for an app that are logged is as follows. As you can see, there is currently only one event, more will follow.

Event Code EventData
Import a dataset into Futurama Register 20000 The name of the dataset that is imported

Retrieving the AppEvents with a webservice call

Futurama Vision offers a webservice to retrieve the data.

When to use

You can use this webservice to retrieve AppEvents that occured in a Vision installation.

Parameters and request

The URL for the Request is VisionURL/Services/AppEvents.svc where VisionURL is the url of the Vision installation

Below an example of the request of the GetAppEvents method.

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:ns="">

Important to note is to give each member the following information:


The appID is the ID of the App for which you want to retrieve AppEvents. It is optional.  If you do not specify an appID, the AppEvents for all Apps will be returned.


The eventCode is the ID of the Event for which you want the retrieve AppEvents. It is optional.  If you do not specify an eventCode, the AppEvents for all eventCodes will be returned.


true to return only the last event for each appID and eventCode. false to return all events that match the specified appID and eventCode.

Method name

The method name for this webservice is Note: this MethodName is case-sensitive. 


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Updated: 2019-02-13