Concerns: Vision/Vision Management Site/Vision Database

User: User Management Site, System administrator


- installation Futurama Vision


Description of the web user interface of Futurama Vision: the Futurama Vision Management Site 



Futurama Vision provides a framework to:

  • Hold data that can be used within Futurama
  • Manage Futurama installation within an organization
  • Analyze the use of Futurama applications
  • Provide safe access to personal data

Futurama Vision consists of two parts: the Futurama Vision Management Site and the Futurama Vision Database. The Futurama Vision Management Site is the web user interface of Futurama Vision. The Futurama Vision Management Site is multilanguage. The site will display either in Dutch or in English depending on the browser settings. See the paragraph 'Configuration' of Installation Futurama Vision Management Site how to configure this browser dependent language setting.

Using the Futurama Vision Management Site

The functionality of the Futurama Vision Management Site is treated in a number of support pages. The next subjects are relevant:

  • Admin pages: description how to configurate which Futurama applications use Futurama Vision
  • Security section: description how to set up the security of the Management Site in order to give users only access to pages that are relevant for them
  • Importing data into Futurama Vision and use this data in the desired Futurama application
  • Activity overview of the use of the different Futurama modules 
  • Storing data in Futurama Vision: description how to configure the format of information that can be stored in and retrieved from a web session
  • Module specific Management Pages: pages that are only applicable if the relevant Futurama module is used. These are pages for Futurama Accounts, pages for Futurama Server and pages for Futurama Register.    
  • Skinning. To change the lay-out of the Vision Management Site

Related Topics

- Installation Futurama Vision Management Site: description how to install the Futurama Vision Management Site.


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Updated: 2014-06-27