Version:23.05 +

Applicable to:Futurama Vision



In the Vision Management Site in the File Manager, it is possible to give certain groups access to specific locations. Via this page they are able to upload/download files. To make sure the file content of the uploaded files are safe, it is possible to add a security section to scan the files before placing them on the server. If this section is not defined, no file scanner will be used. 



Within the configuration element the next code has to be included:

	<sectionGroup name="visionSettings">
		<section name="security" type="ActuIT.Futurama.Library.SecuritySection, ActuIT.Futurama.Library,Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null"/>

Next to this code, also within the configuration element the next code has to be included:

		<file fileScannerProvider="{ClamAV | WindowsDefender}" clamAVConnectionString="{string}" fileScannerTimeout="2500"/>

The futuramaSettings element is the general part for more configuration settings. Within this element the security element is set.


Within the security/file element some attributes can be set. Below the possible values of these attributes.


Which file provider should be used for the file scanning process. Currently, the available providers are: “ClamAV” and “WindowsDefender”. If the value is empty then the fileScanner is inactivate.


The clamAV connection string. By default the value is set to “tcp://”, if your ClamAV server is hosted in a different location then this value should be updated.


The time out for file scanning operation. By default, this is set to 2500 milliseconds.


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Updated: 2023-06-01