Version: 20.01 +

Applicable to: Futurama Vision



In the Vision Management Site in the Register section, Delete policies it is possible to delete policies. The policies to be deleted have to be entered in the box with the list of the values. It is possible to configure what characters are used for separating these policies. This can be done with the format-section. Default the next 4 separators are used: comma, semicolon, tab and enter. Without this section these default values are used. If you want to use a different list, you can do that by inclusing this format section in the web.config of the Futurama Vision Management Site. 



Within the configuration element the next code has to be included:

	<sectionGroup name="visionSettings">
		<section name="format" type="ActuIT.Futurama.Vision.Business.FormatSection, ActuIT.Futurama.Vision.Business, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null"></section>

Next to this code, also within the configuration element the next code has to be included:

	<format separatorCharsForPolicyIdentifiers="{separatorChars}"/>

The visionSettings element is the general part for more configuration settings. Within this element the format element is set.


Within the format element some attributes can be set. Below the possible values of these attributes.


This is the setting that controls which characters are used for separating PolicyIdentifiers.

The value can for example be ',;' to define that a quote and a semi colon are used as separators. You can also use special characters such as a tab or a newline. You can define them by using their escape code. For example a tab is &#10; and a newline is &#13; .


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Updated: 2020-01-29