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Description how to add CustomPages defined in a Futurama document to the Vision Management Site.



In Futurama Vision you can add CustomPages. These are webpages that you define in a Futurama Document. These webpages will be included in the management site. To show these pages Futurama Vision uses Futurama WebApi to display certain panels from the documents that you specify. With this functionality you can easily extend the management site.

Installation of the Futurama Document

When creating a CustomPage it will refer to a webpage defined in a Futurama Document. Therefore the Futurama Document first has to be placed in a directory. This can be any directory, not necessarily an instance of Futurama. Furthermore, make sure that the identity of the application pool of the Vision Management Site has read permissions to this directory.


In order to enable CustomPages a number of Futurama settings have to be added to the configuration file of the Vision Management Site. This implies that within the element besides the a has to be included. See Configuration for the General structure of this sectionGroup. Next to this code, within the element a has to be included alongside of the element. Within this for each of the sections that are defined within the sectionGroup the specific settings can be chosen.

Within the futuramaSettings the following sections are mandatory:

- Mapping: Contains settings that define the location of the Futurama Document(s) which contain the webpages referred to by the CustomPage.

- Render: Allows the configuration of an XSLT file that allows Futurama to generate customized HTML from an intermediate language called FICO.

In addition to the information in these pages, the following remarks are important:

- Mapping: the rootPath property is mandatory and indicates within which path will be searched for the folder/document that the CustomPage will refer to. Note that the handlers section also has to be configured when using a rootpath.

- Mapping: the folder property is optional, but if omitted, the folder has to be set in the Vision Management Site itself when defining the CustomPage.

- Render: The transformationFilename property has to have the default value. This value can be found in the default.config of the Futurama HTML module in the "site" folder.

In addition other sections can also be added. See Configuration for the complete list of sections.

Define CustomPages

Adding a CustomPage

You can add a CustomPage via 'Management/Manage domain tables/CustomPages'.

Properties of a CustomPage

A custom page has the following properties:


The ID is automatically assigned.


Here you can enter a name for the page. The name is shown in various properties in the management site. It is not used when displaying the page.



Here you can enter a description for the page. It is not used when displaying the page.


The FuturamaDocument that contains the definition of the webpage. This field is obligatory.



The name of the folder that contains the application. This field is obligatory when folder is not configured in the configuration file. See the paragraph Configuration above. If folder is configured then this field may be left empty.


New property in Futurama 20.04. True if you want the page to display in a new window, and without the Futurama Vision menu. False to display the contents in Futruama Vision.



The name of the panel that contains the functionality that you want to display on this page. Just like in the call to Futurama WebAPI the PanelName refers to the name of a reference within a InterfaceNode within the Futurama document. Starting from Futurama 20.04, this field is optional. If you leave it empty, the custom page will open with the StartWebPage for the document. 


Here you can define the name of the menu item that should be generated for this page. You can use a ‘/’ to create multiple levels. For example a MenuPath of ‘Test/TestPanel1’ will create a submenu ‘Test’ and in that submenu a menu item ‘TestPanel1’. This field is obligatory.


If you encounter problems with the installation check the sections below.

HTTP Error 404 Not found

When opening the Custompage, the console logging of your browser shows HTTP 404 Error messages for different files that can't be found. The page you are requesting cannot be served because of the extension configuration. If the page is a script, add a handler. If the file should be downloaded, add a MIME map. More information how to add a handler can be found at the Mapping page.


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Updated: 2019-02-13