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Description on how to set a new skin file in order to have a different look of the Vision Management Site



Up to Futurama Version 18.02 the Vision Management Site had a default layout, that could not be changed. From Futurama Version 18.02 it is possible to change this by setting a different styling sheet and use other images. In this support page a description is given on how to setup these settings.


In order to apply the new skinning settings, described below, the following config should be added to the web.config of the Management Site inside the configSection:

<section type="ActuIT.Futurama.Vision.Business.FormatSection, ActuIT.Futurama.Vision.Business, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" name="format"/>

Skins in the web.config

It is possible to setup a new skin in the web.config of the Vision Management site by adding to the web.config a format section within the section.

Inside this format section the following elements can be defined:

		<skin urlKeyWord="Futurama" css="Futurama.css"/>        


The first element within the format section is the node. This is a collector where different skin's can be defined.


The skin object is were all the settings are taken place. There are two parameter fields that can be filled in:

  • css
  • urlKeyWord


This is the name of the CSS file that can be used. The files should be located in the Styles folder of the Vision Management Site installation.


The key word in the URL that is the indicator of the CSS-file that has to be used. For example if the requested url for the application is: http://servername/VisionManagementSite/Futurama and within the format section an urlKeyWord ‘Futurama’ is defined, then the CSS-file corresponding with the Futurama urlKeyWord is used. If the urlKeyWord is not located in the url of the application then the default CSS file is used.

Case sensitive

Please note that the urlKeyWord is case sensitive. For example the urlKeyWord 'Vision' will not match if the url contains a lowercase v (e.q. vision)

Multiple urlKeyWords

If the url is for example: http://servername/VisionManagementSite/Futurama and the following config is created:

		<skin urlkeyword="Futurama" css="Futurama.css"/>        
		<skin urlkeyword="VisionManagementSite" css="Vision.css"/>        

The url now contains two matching keywords: Futurama and VisionManagementSite. This means that both skins are available to use but only the first defined skin will be used. Therefore Futurama.css will be used instead of Vision.css.


If you have any questions about this subject or if you want to provide us feedback please send us an e-mail.

Updated: 2018-02-07