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Using the Futurama Vision Management Site to get an overview of the use of the different Futurama modules



The Futurama Vision Management Site is the managerial environment for a large amount of Futurama modules. For several modules it is possible to get an activity overview. 

Activity overview

In the menu General/Activity overview an overview can be retrieved for a number of Futurama modules. What type of activity can be viewed depends on the specific Futurama module. Follow the next steps to get the overview:

  1. Choose the period for which the overview must be displayed ('Period from' and 'Up to and including')
  2. Choose the timescale (Months or Days)
  3. Choose the module (see below for more information)
  4. Choose the type of activity (the activities to be selected depends on the module selected)
  5. Choose the ProductGroup for which the activity overview must be given
  6. Click on retrieve data to get the data desired 

Result will be both the number of occurences and the number of distinct persons. If in the chosen time period an activity is applicable to a certain person for a number of times, this activity is counted only once in the ' number of distinct persons' column. In the 'number of occurences' column each time the activity occurs is counted.

Module Accounts

See for more information about the activity overview for the Accounts module this page.

Module Register

See for more information about the activity overview for the Register module this page.

Module Custom

Custom actually isn't a module, but can be used to give activity information regarding a custom created activity. This works together with the VisionReference WriteMessage. With this VisionReference it is possible to log information in Vision about (and/or activated by) a certain event in your application. In the Management Site this information can be retrieved by selecting the Custom module.


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Updated: 2014-09-16