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The data must be uploaded to Futurama Vision in the form of a dataset


This document describes how a recordset containing participants information can be imported into a Futurama Vision application



The process of importing data into Futurama Vision consists of two steps:

1. First off, the data is being imported into into an intermediate table ImportedData

2. After that, the data can be imported into the desired Futurama Vision application

The first step is described in the document Import data into Futurama Vision. The information is stored in a dataset, and can then be transferred to the desired Futurama Vision application. At this page step 2 is described.

Import data into an application with the Management site

Within the Futurama Management Site, you can import data into a Futurama Vision application through the 'General' menu-item, submenu 'Import policies'. In order to achieve this, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Select the recordset you would like to import.
  2. Then select an application to import the recordset into.
  3. Select the checkbox if you want to empty the entire application of existing data beforehand (warning, make sure that you do not accidentally delete important data).
  4. Click on 'Next' to import the data

Import data into an application with a webservice

You can import the data with a call to the method CopyImportedRecordSetToPolicySet in the service ImportUsers.svc.

Below an example of the request of the CopyImportedRecordSetToPolicySet method.

<soapenv:envelope xmlns:ns="" xmlns:soapenv="">

Search members

By using the left menu, and navigating through the "General" and following the "Search Participant" menu item, the appropriate page is shown. Here you can search for members by entering one or more search constraints. Every additional constraint will narrow the search results down further.

  1. Productgroup: Filter by selecting the productgroup in which the application resides.
  2. Identifier: If you happen to know the persons identifier code that your application uses to identify a specific person (for instance, the policy- or social security number), you can use this field to gain access to the most direct filtering method.

Press the "search members" to conduct the search. The following information is displayed for every found participant:

  1. Details: Press this button to navigate to the details screen.
  2. ID: The unique identifier for this specific participant that was assigned by Futurama Vision during the importing procedure.
  3. Identifier: The unique identifier code that is used by your organisation to identify this participant (such as policy- or social security number).
  4. Productgroup: The productgroup in which this participant is contained.
  5. E-mail: The e-mail address of the participant. This is only known if the participant is contained within a Futurama AccountProductgroup, and has activated his/her account.
  6. Status: Should the participant be part of an Account productgroup, then it will show the current account status, namely one of the following: {INITIALIZED, CREATED, ACTIVATED, BLOCKED, RESET, REINITIALIZED or DEACTIVATED}.
  7. #Policies: The number of policies that are associated with this participant.
  8. Last event: This shows the last event that has occurred for this participant. For instance, if this account has just been blocked, this field should show: 'BLOCKED ACCOUNT'.

When the details button is clicked more detailed information is shown. See the Futurama Accounts - Management Site for more information of this page.

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Updated: 2018-11-06