Module: Editor

Version: 4.2.1 +

User: Developer

Level: Beginner


In this tutorial we will show you how to create a website application. On the sideline, we will show how you can easily make modifications in your website. Next to that, we will link the website application to the calculations-file, so that we can make use of the future savings formula we created.


- The Futurama Editor must be installed.

- Futurama HTML must be installed.

- Completing the tutorial Creating formulas with Futurama first, is recommended.


In this tutorial, we will create a new Futurama-document that contains the website-objects for the website-application.

In the previous tutorial, we created a formula for calculating future savings. We will link this calculation-file to our application, so that we can refer to the formula in it.

We end up with a very basic website, that only displays the outcome of the savings formula, for some random fixed parameters.

Next step will be to extend our website with a structured content.

To give you an idea of the final application we're going to build in this series of tutorials, you can check the Example-page. Here you can see and download the end result of these series of tutorials.


  • In the tutorial we don’t show you how to create and configure a web application (as this isn’t Futurama specific material). Consult this page for information about the installation process.


Contents Time
1) Intro 0 - 0.54
2) Creating a Website Application 0.54 - 5.25
3) Changing content 5.25 - 6.03
4) Adding a SubDocument 6.03 - 9.25
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  1. Creating a Website (Easy)

Updated: 2012-06-29