Module: Editor

Version: 4.2.1 +

User: Developer

Level: Beginner


In this tutorial we will explain how you to create a webserivce application in Futurama.



- Futurama Webservice must be installed.

- Completing the tutorials Webservices in Futurama and Reading and processing XML-data in Futurama first, is recommended.



In this tutorial, we will create a webservice application in Futurama.

Safe2Save wants a webservice that calculates the future savings, based on a starting amount, the interest rate and a number of years. These parameters will be the input of the webservice. The input of a webservice must be XML, so we have to create a sctructure that contains these parameters. Therefore we have created the following XML-structure (in which testvalues are already submitted):


In the tutorial, we will create a new Futurama-document, and within this document we will add the object Webservice. We will construct the webservice using the test-file above. to be able to refer to the future savings formula, we also have to add another new object, the subDocument. This object enables me to link to other Futurama documents, in this case, the calculations-file.

The output of the webservice has to be XML as well. Therefore we add an XMLBuilder, which generates XML, of the objects that are listed within it. Therefore we add a reference in the XMLBuilder. This reference refers to the Future Savings formula.

When we finish the entire construction of the webservice, we switch to our testtool soapUI to test it. We there see that our webservice works, and shows the correct results.


  • In this tutorial one or more prefabricated files are used. You can make use of these files by downloading the end result of the tutorial series here.


Contents Time
1) Intro 0 - 0.46
2) The Webservice object 0.46 - 2.48
3) Defining input and output 2.48 - 11.38
4) Showing results 11.38 - 16.29
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Updated: 2012-06-29