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Within this page, you can already see the end result of the three Beginners-tutorials. That will give you an idea of the applications and their functionalities.



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In the Beginners-tutorials, three applications are built, for the fictitious internet bank Safe2Save. You can build them yourself, by following the corresponding series of tutorials. The end result of each tutorial is also available for download, next to the video.


We introduce the internetbank Safe2Save as a business case for our tutorials. Safe2Save wants to offer their clients a savings account. Therefore three applications are needed, which we will build in three different series of tutorials.
All three applications will be based on the same calculations-file. In this calculations-file, we will define the formula that is used to calculate the future savings. In the end result, this formula will be as follows:

Future Savings:= Cash Balance*(1+Interest-ServiceFee)^Years

On this page, you can already see the end result of each each application, thus of each series of tutorials. That will give you an idea of what we want to achieve.

For each application-type, a video with an explanation of the end result is given. Next to that, you can also download the files that correspond with this end result.

For the Website-application, you can also view a demo of the final version of the website.


Safe2Save wants a website for their clients, where they can see what their future savings amount will be over a course of 25 years. Visitors can choose the starting amount and the interest rate themselves.

Download files

You can also visit a demo-version of this website: Demo-version Savings Account Website


Safe2Save wants a webservice that will enable them to easily calculate the savings amount over the internet, based on three parameters, Cash Balance, Interest and Years.

Download files


Safe2Save wants a console applicaton that creates Word-documents for a range of their clients, in which their future savings amount is calculated.

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Updated: 2012-06-20