Module: Editor

Version: 4.2.1 +

User: Developer

Level: Beginner


In this tutorial we will explain how you can work with webservices in Futurama.



- Futurama Webservice must be installed.

- Completing the tutorial Creating formulas with Futurama first, is recommended.

- You need a testtool for the webservice, such as SoapUI.



This tutorial is meant as in introduction on building a webservice yourself. We explain how you can work with webservices in Futurama, and we will show a standard webservice that is an integral part of Futurama. We will test this webservice by using a testtool.

By completing this tutorial you should understand how webservices in Futurama work, so we can start building an actual webservice-functionality ourselves. We then can directly test and show it, without explaing the procedure to do so.


  • In the tutorial we don’t show you how to create and configure a webservice application (as this isn’t Futurama specific material). Consult this page for information about the installation process.
  • Please note that in more recent versions of Futurama, pressing the 'Evaluate' button will display an error message if the XmlOutput property has not yet been filled in.


Contents Time
1) Intro 0 - 0.57
2) Webservices in general 0.57 - 1.39
3) The futurama webservice service.svc 1.39 - 3.31
4) Testing the webservice 3.31 - 6.06
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- Webservice: Futurama Manual Page that explains how to work with webservices

Updated: 2012-06-27