Module: Editor

Version: 4.2.1 +

User: Developer

Level: Beginner


In this tutorial we'll show you how you can create multiple pages in your website. Important part of this is to enable navigation between pages.



- The Futurama Editor must be installed.

- Futurama Runtime must be installed.

- Completing the tutorial Working with Actions in Futurama first, is recommended.



Our current website consists of only one single page. Safe2Save wants to extend the website with a second page, on which an overview of the input and the calculation results is displayed.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create this second page, and - important part - to create the navigation to and from this webpage.

In the next tutorial we will fill this second page with the appropriate content.


Contents Time
1) Intro 0 - 0.42
2) Adding an extra webpage 0.42 - 1.40
3) Reusing content 1.40 - 4.15
4) Adding navigation 4.15 - 8.44
image (rightclick, save as...)

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Updated: 2012-06-21