Module: Editor

Version: 4.3.0 +

Category: DataStore



With the VisionReference 'GetDataItem' it is possible to retrieve a dataitem by its unique identificationcode.



The unique numeric identifier of a DataItem, found with the formula GetDataItems.



The returned XML data looks like this:

<Response xmlns="">
	<ResultCode code="00000" success="true">
	<Result xsi:type="GetDataItemResult" xmlns:xsi="">
		<Description>item 1</Description>
			<test xmlns="">

The information contained in this response consist of the following nodes:

  • Date: The timestamp on which this dataitem was stored.
  • Description: The description of the contents of this dataitem.
  • XML: The XML data that is contained in this dataitem.
  • DescendantCount: If this dataitem is a parent to other dataitem, this will indicate the number of "direct" children bound to this dataitem, which can be retrieved using the formula GetDataItems, by supplying the ID for this dataitem as ParentID in that formula.

Return codes

The following return codes can be encountered:

  • 00000 - GeneralSuccess: The operation completed successfully.
  • 01000 - GeneralFailError: The operation caused an error. See the error log of the Vision Management Site for more details.
  • 01999 - GeneralFailError: The operation caused an error. See the error log of the Vision Management Site for more details.
  • 51101 - DataStoreItemNotAvailable: Tje dataitem cannot be found or retrieved.
  • 51102 - DataStoreItemTypeTooNew: Type version of data item is newer than type version of DataSet.
  • 51104 - DataStoreItemInvalidXML: The dataitem contains invalid XML data.

Example soapUI message

In the preceding paragraph the parameters of the VisionReference are listed. The values of these parameters are used by Futurama to compose an XML-message. With soapUI it is possible to see the responses depending on the values of the parameters. Below you find an example of an XML-message. This example can be used in your soapUI project to test the connection with Vision and to see the response for a certain combination of parameters.

<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">
		<Futurama path="\\servername\path\futurama" version="1.0" xmlns=""/>
		<Document path="\\servername\path\data.xml" version="1.0" xmlns=""/>
		<Request method="GetDataItem" version="1.0" module="DataStore" xmlns="">
			<Parameter name="DataItemID" value="6" type="System.Int32"/>

Within the Header element you find an element 'Document' and an element 'Futurama'. For these elements you have to fill in the path of the Document and the Futurama respectively you also configured in the Apps and Futuramas tab of the Vision Management Site. Within the Request element you find the parameters for this VisionReference. By changing the values of these parameters you can execute different webservice calls.

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Updated: 2013-05-08