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Module: Futurama Editor

User: Developer


Familiarity with Futurama Vision


Section header of the Vision Reference category 'DataStore'



The Vision References are divided into different categories. This section contains the Vision References of the category 'DataStore'. The VisionReferences in the 'DataStore' category can be used to store data for an user and to retrieve data that is stored previously. For example personal choices an user makes in your webapplication ('I want to receive e-mail notifications').

Below is a list of the Vision References within this category:

StoreData: for storing Xml data in the Vision application

DeleteDataItem: for deleting a single DataItem

DeleteDataItemHierarchy: for deleting a hierarchial tree with DataItems

DeleteDataItems: for deleting all the DataItems for a person, or deleting all the DataItems in a certain DataSet

GetDataItem: for getting the content of a single DataItem

GetDataItemHierarchy: for getting the full hierarchy of s DataItem and its children

GetDataItems: for getting the DataItems from a person, or the DataItems from a certain DataSet 


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Updated: 2014-03-14