Module: Editor

Version: 21.01 +

Category: Data



Allows you to retrieve the ResourceManager XML string from Vision. This can be used as ResourceDocument for your Futurama application. On the page Text-management-and-Multi-language in the section 'Importing resources using a VisionReference' is described how the property ResourceDocument in Document can be filled with the ResourceManager XML string using a VisionReference.


No parameter is required to call this Vision-reference.



<Response xmlns="">
    <ResultCode code="00000" success="true">
    <Result xsi:type="GetResourceManagerXmlResult">
<ResourceManager xmlns=""
  xmlns:i="" xmlns:xsd="" 

Within the Result element you find the result of your VisionReference webservice call. Use soapUI to get a quick overview of the responses (see the paragraph 'Example soapUI message').

Return codes

The following return codes can be encountered:

  • 00000 - GeneralSuccess: The operation completed successfully
  • 01999 - GeneralFailError: The operation caused an error

Example soapUI message

Below you find an example of an XML-message. This example can be used in your soapUI project to test the connection with Vision and to see the response.

<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">
		<Futurama path="\\servername\path\futurama" version="1.0" xmlns=""/>
		<Document path="\\servername\path\data.xml" version="1.0" xmlns=""/>
		<Request method="GetResourceManagerXml" version="1.0" module="Data" xmlns=""/>

Within the Header element you find an element 'Document' and an element 'Futurama'. For these elements you have to fill in the path of the Document and the Futurama respectively you also configured in the Apps and Futuramas tab of the Vision Management Site.


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Updated: 2021-01-27