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Module: Futurama Editor

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Familiarity with Futurama Vision


Section header of the Vision Reference category 'Accounts'



The Vision References are divided into different categories. This section contains the Vision references of the category 'Accounts'.
In this category, the Vision References are listed that are applicable when using the Futurama Accounts module.

Below is a list of the Vision References within this category:

ReadData: description on how to read data from a person.

CreateAccount: description on how to create an account.

ActivateAccount: description on how to activate an account.

ChangeAccount: description on how to change an existing account.

GetQuestion: description on how to get the security question the user had chosen.

GetQuestions: description on how to get the list of security questions.

Login: description on how to login.

ReinitializeAccount: description on how to reinitialize an account.


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Updated: 2014-03-14