Module: Editor

Version: 2.2.1 +

Type: String

Category: Text



The formula 'CalculateBase64Hashcode' calculates the hashcode of  a Base64-string. The hashcode is calculated by first encrypting the original Base64-string with the MD5-algorithm, and second converting this result again to a Base64-string. ‘CalculateBase64Hashcode’ can be used to check if two Base64-strings are exactly the same.



This is the Base64-string that has to be converted into a Base64 hash code.



Suppose you have a document that is converted to a Base64-string (for example with the Futurama formula 'ReadFileAsBase64'). This Base64-string is uploaded to another server using a webservice that stores this Base64-string. Using the formula 'CalculateBase64HashCode' at the target server does assure you that the original document is exactly the same as the document at the target location.

Updated: 2013-03-25