Module: Editor

Version: 18.12 +

Type: Double

Category: Matrix


This formula enables you to extract doubles from an Xml file and convert these directly to a matrix. No Xml validation/interpration is used, which means advantages in terms of performance and memory usage. On the other hand, only limited features are offered. In short:

  • this formula always returns a 2-dimensional matrix of type double
  • all xml elements in the file with a name that matches the name in one of the 'element' parameters (case sensitive) are returned in the column
  • the number of columns is defined by the number of 'element' parameters in the formula
  • all columns must have the same row
  • all defined 'element' parameters MUST be available in the input file
  • it is allowed however to embed other (non-used) elements in the input file


Xml file:

Full path to the xml input file. A base64 xml string is also allowed.


the name(s) of the elements to appear in the result.


Convert an Xml file directly to a matrix.

Download the files used for this example: ReadMatrixFromXml example. Open in the Futurama Editor example.xml. This example contains a reference to an external xml file. See file1 for this external file. The Formulas test1_1 and test1_2 directly read data from this external file to a matrix.  In test1_1 a matrix with 3 columns is created, in test1_2 a matrix with 1 column.


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Updated: 2018-12-10