Module: Editor

Version: 5.0.0 +

Type: String

Category: Document



The formula 'ReadIdentityProviderResult' returns the result that is provided by the configured Identity Provider. When you are using Futurama in Website mode you can select an external identity provider to determine if an user has access to the webpage. Currently Futurama supports the SAML 2 identity provider. When using a SAML2 identity provider the user is redirected to the website of the identity provider and performs a login on that website. After logging in the user is redirected to the website that initiated the process. The formula 'ReadIdentityProviderResult' can be used to retrieve the identity of the user.

The result of the formula 'ReadIdentityProviderResult' depends on the external identity provider that is used for authentication. There is not a general format of the response given by the identity provider. In the response at least the identity of the user will be given in the situation that an user succesfully is authenticated. Consult the documentation of the external identity provider in order to know what the format of the response is. The XmlNode can be used to interpret the result of the formula 'IdentityProviderResultXml' (by referring from the source property of the XmlNode to this result). 


The function requires no parameters.


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Updated: 2014-09-29