Module: Editor

Version: 2.2.1 + abd update 20.01 +

Type: Long, Double, String, Boolean or Date

Category: Table



The formula 'VLookUp' looks for a value in the leftmost column of a table and then returns a value in the same row from a column you specify. By default, the table must be sorted in an ascending order.

Note: the behavior of the VLookup formula has changed in Futurama version 20.01 in the situation that there are duplicates of the value to be found in the column. Suppose you have a column with respective values 57,65,67,67, 67, 70. In Futurama 19.12 and earlier the VLookup formula returns row 4 when looking for nummer 67. From Futurama 20.01 this is the correct value 2. In order to maintain the old behavior the compatibility mode 19_12 is introduced. From Futurama 20.01 + with the compatibility mode 19_12 the formula in the example before still returns row 4.



This is the look up value in the lefmost column of a table. With this parameter you choose the row.


This is the table in which the data is retrieved.


This is the column number is the Table form which the matching value should be returned.

Note: the first result column (next to the Lookup_value column) has an index value of 0, the second result column has an index value of 1 etc.



In the following example the formula 'VLookUp' is used.

Values Parameters




In this example we will apply the formula 'VLookup' to the next table:

Age Factor 1 Factor 2
61 13,89 3,89
62 13,15 2,78
63 12,46 1,67
64 11,59 0,76
65 11,09 0,00




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Updated: 2013-03-25