Module: Editor

Version: 5.1.4 +

Type: Long or Double

Category: Matrix



The formula 'SubtractMatrices' returns the subtraction of two matrices. Each element of the second matrix will be subtracted from the element that is on the same position of the first matrix. The matrices have to be of the same size.


Matrix1:          first matrix you want to use for the subtraction.

Matrix2:          second matrix you want to use for the subtraction.



In the following example the formula 'SubtractMatrices' is used to subtract one matrix from another.

Values parameters

Matrix 1:

Column 1Column 2
5 9
12 23


Matrix 2:

Column 1Column 2
16 5
3 10




Column 1Column 2
-11 4
9 13
The outcome is a matrix with the results of the subtraction of the elements of the two matrices.

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Updated: 2014-09-12