Edition: Futurama Website

Module: Futurama Monitor

User: User Management Site


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Futurama Monitor is an optional module. It is only available in the Futurama Website Edition. The Futurama Monitor module enables you to store session information in a database. This session information is retrieved while users use your Futurama web application. With Futurama Monitor it is possible to monitor at which buttons are clicked, and what input is given by an user.     

Installation Futurama Monitor

To use Futurama Monitor follow the installation steps at this page.

Structure Futurama Monitor Database

The Futurama Monitor database consists of three different tables:

  • Errors
  • Sessions
  • Events


In the Errors table errors that have occurred during the sessions of users of your webapplication are saved. These errors can also be logged using the log section of Futurama.


In the Sessions table information about the successive sessions is saved. For each session one row in the table is filled. The next information is available in this table:

  • SessionID: the ID of the session of the user
  • IPAddress: IP-address of the user
  • StartTime: time the session has started
  • CalcEngine: the Futurama document that is opened during the session (for example \\server\application\website.xml)
  • URL: the URL of the website application
  • RequestParameters: if applicable, the RequestParameter(s) of the web session (for example guid=1fdb3537&location=USA)
  • EndTime: not used 


In the Events table the actual information to be used for monitoring purposes is logged. The next information is available in this table:

  • SessionID: the ID of the session of the user
  • ControlPath: the ID of the Futurama Object that is clicked on, or that has given a value
  • CalculationID: indicator of the successive steps for one calculation. Multiple rows can be created for one CalculationID
  • NewValue: the new value an UserVariable gets after an users input/selection action. If the Futurama Object is a Button, the value is empty
  • ControlName: the name of the Futurama Object belonging to the ControlPath (defined in the Futurama Editor)
  • orderID: calculator of the different logged actions within a session 

Storing passwords (from Futurama 5.3.1)

One type of input of an user is not stored in the Futurama Monitor database. This concerns the value of a Textbox with property Password=True.

Retrieving Management Information

The information you want to have from the Futurama Monitor database has to be retrieved by writing your own queries at the database. See the paragraph 'Structure Futurama Monitor Database' for more information about the structure. See below some examples of queries.

Example 1

Suppose you have a website application where an user has the choice to visit page A or page B. At the StartPage you created two Buttons, one navigating to page A and one navigating to page B. In the Futurama Editor you check that the ID of the Button navigating to page A has the ID 34, and the Button navigating to page B has the ID 56. If you want to know how many users choose for page A and how many users choose for page B, execute the next query in the Futurama Monitor database:

select count(*) as numberPageA from events
where ControlPath= '34'

select count(*) as numberPageB from events
where ControlPath= '56'

Example 2

Suppose you have a website application where an user has to choose which capital he wants to insure. Suppose you are interested in the number of times an user choses to insure a capital larger then 100.000. Suppose the UserVariable mapped to the TextBox where the user has to give the capital has ID 367. Execute the next query in the Futurama Monitor to get this information:

select count(*) as number from events
where ControlPath='367'
and NewValue>100000


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Updated: 2015-11-24