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- Getting Started with Futurama



Futurama is a development platform for calculation and communication applications. It can be used to create three different kinds of applications:

  1. Website applications: to create interactive webapplications
  2. Webservice applications: to create webservices that return the result of a calculation made in Futurama
  3. Export applications: to make an export of personalized data (such as PDF-files containing personal financial information)

In order to know which part of the support pages is suitable for you consult the Getting started page of the Futurama Edition you use:

Getting started - Futurama Editor

The Futurama Editor allows you to create and update Futurama files, offering a user-friendly environment that is compatible with other standard office applications. The Futurama Editor is used to create applications for one of the three different areas mentioned above. You can choose use the Futurama Editor by yourself to develop Futurama applications. In order to do this a understanding of the working of the Futurama Editor is necessary. To start this follow the next steps:

  • Consult the Futurama Editor - How to pages. At these pages a global overview of the Futurama Editor is given
  • Follow the Futurama tutorials. Depending on the kind of applications you want to build choose the Website, Webservice or Console tutorials

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- Futurama Export: to make an export of personalized data

- Futurama tutorials: Futurama tutorials to get used to the Futurama Editor


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Updated: 2014-07-22