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Futurama Export is the edition to generate computational data and export it. You can build applications that are designed to be used via a text-only computer interface. It can be used to generate large amounts of data, for instance personal documents that have individually calculated information in them. In the Futurama Editor you can build the computational part as well as the export functionality. In Futurama, all the building blocks are stored that you will need. That applies to all possible formulas you will need in your calculations, as well as the functional construction blocks to create your export functionality.

Futurama Export - structure

The modules that are (partly) in the yellow area of the scheme are available for the Export Edition. Details are below.



The Futurama Export Edition consists of the following modules:

Futurama Engine

The Futurama Engine is the core of Futurama. It ensures that the Futurama definition files built in the Editor can be imported and interpreted. It then completes the calculations and operations contained in those files. The Futurama Engine is the basis of Futurama and is used for all the kind of Futurama applications. It consists of generic technology that enables for instance the executing of operations and the generation of websites, e-mails etc. In the support pages no further information about this module is necessary. With the installation of the Futurama Console module, also the required Futurama Engine code is installed.

Futurama Console

The module Futurama Console is a 'license module'. In the Futurama Export edition, you are licensed to use all objects that are needed to construct export applications. 

Futurama Editor (optional)

Futurama Editor is an optional module. It can be used for all kind of applications. If you want to build or maintain your applications yourself, you will need this module. The Futurama Editor allows you to create and update Futurama files, in a user-friendly environment. For more information about the Futurama Editor, see the Futurama Editor section.

Vision: Futurama Server (optional)

Futurama Server is an optional module. It is only available in the Futurama Export Edition. Since working with large customer databases is likely to involve a considerable amount of computer time, you should preferably use a server to perform large jobs such as printing lists and statements or verifying data. The Futurama Server module allows you to perform, manage and monitor these jobs from one central location. The Futurama Management Site allows you to start the specific jobs from your own computer. All the work is then performed on the server, without being a burden on your own work environment. The Management Site keeps you updated on the status of the job and tells you if any errors occurred as well as the remaining duration of the process

Futurama Escrow (optional)

Futurama Editor is an optional module. It is available in all three fields of application. Futurama Escrow ensures that you can access the Futurama source code in the event of an emergency. Note that his module don't have to be installed. In the support pages no further support information regarding this module is necessary.

Getting started

To getting started first determine which Futurama Modules are applicable for your situation. After that consult the links mentioned below to getting started with the Futurama Modules.

Futurama Console

For Futurama Console the next page is relevant:

Futurama Server

For Futurama Server the next pages are relevant:

Futurama Editor

For Futurama Editor the next pages are relevant:

Futurama Export tutorials

If you want to develop Futurama Export applications by yourself, then you can consult the several Futurama Export video tutorials. Also a number of exercises is available to get used with developing Futurama Export applications. At the next page these tutorials can be found:

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