Module: Web

Version: 18.09 +

User: Developer


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Explanation of the functionality to replace an existing session by a new one.


When a new Futurama web application is opened in a user’s browser, a new session is created. The ID of this session is either stored in a cookie or in the user’s url. Is is recommended to use cookies as this is more secure (see the ‘Use cookies’ paragraph at this page).  Using cookies means that a session is active within a browser within the expiration time of the session and authentication cookie. So if the user browses to another tab within the same browser within this expiration time the same session as the other tab is used. Sometimes you would prefer to  replace the existing session (issue a new HTTP GET request) by a new one without closing all the browsers tabs. For example if you call Futurama from a portal application and you want to start a new Futurama session. From Futurama 18.09 this is possible, see below.

Session replace

To replace an existing session by a new one a special webpage is available within Futurama: Session/Replace.aspx. If you call this page with the url https://site/Session/Replace.aspx?para=paravalue then Futurama will end the existing session if it exists and redirect the user to https://site/default.aspx?para=paravalue.


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Updated: 2018-09-11