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Module: Futurama Insight

User: Developer


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Overview of the Futurama Insight module.



Futurama Insight is an optional module. It is only available in the Futurama Website Edition. At any moment during runtime of a (website) application Futurama Insight makes it possible to see the underlying calculations of data displayed at that moment in the application. This is specifically convenient for developing or testing purposes. Starting Futurama Insight a new window will be opened in which the implementation of your application is displayed and in which you can find the calculation of the figures you are interested in. The presentation is similar to the one in the Futurama Editor although, unlike in the Editor, the value of any object can only be read. It is not possible to alter anything.

Enabling Futurama Insight

Futurama Insight is a module of Futurama Website and as such installed automatically when Futurama HTML is installed. It is, however, necessary to have a separate license for Futurama Insight to work. See here for more information on installing Futurama Insight. Additional explanation of the configuration of Insight can be found here.


To illustrate the use of Futurama Insight a simple example is given. Note that a valid license for Futurama Insight is needed for this example to work.


  • Download the example that is given in the exercise 'Exercise 1: Summation (Easy)'. See Related Topics below for the link.
  • Place the example in a valid Futurama (version or later).
  • Make sure that Futurama Insight is enabled (see above).
  • First open the project in the Futurama Editor.

The application is quite simple. It consists of a webpage containing two textboxes 'Input1' and 'Input2' which are connected to UserVariables of the same name. The Formula 'Add' adds the values in 'Input1' and 'Input2'. The result is then represented on the webpage in the weblabel 'Result'.

  • Now open the website in a browser.

The website shows the two Textboxes in which a number has to be entered. After clicking on the button 'Go' the sum will be placed next to it (in the Weblabel).

  • Type for example 36 and 47 and press 'Go'. The result, 83, will appear.
  • Press SHIFT+F9.

A new window will pop up containing a number of windows which are similar to those in the Editor: Document Explorer, Dependencies Explorer and Object Explorer (in the Editor this is the Properties Window). In addition a new window 'History' can be seen on the right.

  • Click on the + adjacent to 'Add' and select 'Input1'. Verify that the UserVariable 'Input1' has value 36 as expected.
  • Verify also that 'Input2' has value 47.

By clicking in the Dependencies Window the results of any Determinant or Dependant can also be verified.

  • Click on the Formula 'Add' and verify that it indeed equals 83.

The History window on the right keeps track of the objects that have been selected in Insight. At this point it will display 'Input1', 'Input2' as well as 'Add'. This is very convenient for it enables the user to quickly return to an object that has already been verified without the need to spend time searching for it.

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- Configuration section debug: The section of the config file where Futurama Insight can be configured.

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Updated: 2014-09-16