Edition: Futurama Website/Futurama Export/Futurama Webservice

Module: Futurama Editor

User: Developer


- Working with objects



This page describes the Find window in the Editor. This window is used to search for objects given certain criteria. The Find window can also be used to search for objects that make use of a given selector for its layout.

Finding objects

The Find Window offers a number of options which can help the developer searching for (a) certain object(s). By default the Find window is located in the lower left of the Futurama Editor, together with the Errors window, the Validation window and the Results window.

The Find window offers a number of options for searching:

  • Find what: Here the search term has to be filled in
  • Within: Here can be stated where to search:
    • only the current Node,
    • the current Document or
    • all open Documents.
  • Look in: Here can be stated in what property the search term has to occur:
    • the Name
    • the Index (the unique ID which every object has)
    • the Comment
    • the Value
    • the Layout (see below)
  • Match exact contents: If checked then only the object(s) which exactly match the search term will result. If left unchecked also objects which partly match the search term will be presented.
  • Match case: If checked then capitals and lower case letters will be taken into account when searching. If unchecked no difference will be made between capitals and lower case letters.

Clicking on the button 'Find' will start the search. The results will be presented in the panel beneath the 'Find' button. Stated will be the Name (including the path) of the object, the Type and the value of the property 'Text'. To jump directly to one of the objects found can be accomplished by doubleclicking on the object.



In this example the Futurama application which has been created in the previous page is used. It can be downloaded here. Alternatively the document can be created from scratch by following the link given in the prerequisites.


  • Open the Futurama Editor.
  • Open the Futurama Document "MyFirstDocument".
  • In the Find window search in the current Document for the term 'su' in the Names. The object 'Sum' will be returned.
  • Verify that checking either 'Match exact contents' and/ or 'Match case' produces no results.
  • Now search for the term '5' in the Values. The object 'A' will be returned.

Finding layout

The Find Window can also search for objects based on layout. The Find window accomodates searches based on:

  1. the name of a selector: the Find window will display all objects whose layout is determined by this selector.
  2. a HTML element: the Find window will display all objects which are rendered as the specified HTML element.

All aspects regarding CSS stylesheets, the Layout window and working with layout in the Futurama Editor will be explained in a separate dedicated page. An example of using the Find window based on layout will be given here as well.


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Updated: 2013-08-06