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This document will give an overview of the WebAPI feature that allows Futurama web content within Content Management Systems

Futurama WebAPI

A large part of systems within the work area consist of Content Management Systems (CMS), which are a flexible solution for various IT roles. Its primary role is providing a user with various document/webpages that are retrieved or generated from content in a database. These documents contain various media formats, like formatted text, images, video, audio or file attachments.

Futurama WebAPI makes it possible to add Futurama web content as well. By adding a Futurama section, the CMS calls an external Futurama calculation engine, and retrieve a section of the generated webpage containing for instance forms, text, tables or graphs. This section can then be embedded within the CMS page, as is illustrated below:

This illustrates a user’s web browser that requests a CMS for a certain page/document. From now on we will refer to the CMS as “the front-end”, as this is the only system that the user’s browser is communicating with. The front-end in turn loads the document, which contains a section marked as containing Futurama components. It uses a Futurama plugin to communicate with a server containing Futurama Webservice. The WebAPI is one of the provided services, and loads a Futurama document containing various objects, and renders these objects. The resulting HTML code is then returned to the plugin, which places it within its own document.


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Updated: 2014-02-04